EXOsomes + Drop
We want to provide health and beauty to the skin with the active ingredients contained in exosomes.

Exodrop's products contain exosomes, the world's first nanoparticles extracted from plants.

Plant exosomes are natural nanoparticles and have a high absorption rate into the skin, so they are effective on the skin and have a high content of active ingredients. So, it quickly penetrates deep into the skin and catches dryness by replenishing moisture in the skin, effectively taking care of damaged skin and helping to activate the skin's natural energy. Due to the fact that it delivers active substances quickly and accurately to cells of exosomes, it is being actively researched in life sciences and medicine.

In June 2020, we launched the world's first plant exosome beauty brand 'Exodrop', and all Exodrop products were approved by the US FDA and non-irritating in the skin hypoallergenic test, proving the safety of the product. And in March 2021, ISO9001 certification and The Vegan Society's vegan certification were completed, adding confidence to the safety of all Exodrop products.

In August 2021, it was selected as an excellent product in the idea category and in September 2021 Consumer Satisfaction Brand Awards in the skin care category, showing high satisfaction and repurchase rate among domestic consumers. is being recognized.

With all product renewals in February 2022, we are developing products that the whole family can use with confidence by establishing facial care, body care, mind care, and premium lines.